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Tuesday, April 6

Nicole Scherzinger Speaks On Re-Energizing Her Passion With Dancing With The Stars

by Nicole Scherzinger

I have spent much of my life as an entertainer, a professionally trained singer and performer. I have extensive study in voice and theatre and have had dance experience with my musical theatre background and being a part of the pop recording group, The Pussycat Dolls. But the level of dance rehearsal and hard work for Dancing With The Stars has pushed my limits to another level. It's been a deeply inspiring process. I must say I wish everyone could dance in my shoes! (But then again, I would never wish them these blisters! ;)

When I first started to learn the dance from Tuesday night for example, THE JIVE, I was upset by the producer's choice of music, feeling it wouldn't lend itself to a classic jive. Being a contemporary song, I couldn't imagine that the horse like kicks I was doing during rehearsals would even remotely resemble a light fun jive.

My experience thus far has been a challenging one like none other, but then again, that's why I decided to jump in! Hard work and taking risks have never gotten in the way...if anything that's probably my greatest advantage is my work ethic, passion and relentless drive and dedication.

Fortunately I've got enough insecurity to keep myself in check which keeps me working harder and always moving forward. It's 110%. All or nothing.

I couldn't have been more grateful for my scores because they have really shown me what hard work, persistence and faith can do.

As mentioned before, I'm an entertainer and have been using my take no prisoners work ethic to learn and take on something new! A form of entertainment...that doesn't quite come naturally to me. I'm finding the more I'm in the dance studio, the more I'm truly appreciative of the gift God gave me first, and that is of a singer!

But thru the struggles and challenges of this journey I am definitely growing a new found appreciation for the world and craft of ballroom dancing! Thru the blisters, tears, frustration and feelings of defeat... what I have found out is, hard work equals results but only if you truly want and love what you are doing.

There is something so spiritually uplifting to your soul when you share what you love with others. For me, it is my purpose and the greatest gift. I work off the energy of my fans in the audience and those watching on their television sets and can literally feel it lifting me off my feet. It's that connection that I share that gives me the energy and fire to do what I love so much and to never ever quit. I am so grateful for this opportunity to find another way to connect with people in a whole other light and to bring life to the essence of music in another form of art and entertainment. I promise you each week I will try to top what I did the week prior...or at least you'll know when itís all said and done, I've left it all out there on the floor for you!

My wish is that everyone does something that they never thought they could do whether it's learning how to dance, sing, write poetry, fly a plane, whatever so that they can challenge and surprise themselves and feel swept away by a little bit of magic...there's enough star dust for everyone to go around! Alit faith and in yourself and the man upstairs...goes a long way!!!! Take a leap!


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Monday, November 16

The hottest couple in Hollywood?

Yes, you can simply mention Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton as the answer.

In the pictures you can see them at the Ivy Shore Hotel in Santa Monica. The faces show they are in so much happy mood.

Whoever says they are breaking up must not have known these pictures yet!

nicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_01.htmlnicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_02.htmlnicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_03.htmlnicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_06.htmlnicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_07.htmlnicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_08.htmlnicole_scherzinger_and_lewis_ hamilton_ivory_09.html

Thursday, October 29

Wearing leather black shorts completed with sexy netting stockings Nicole performed in honor of Mirage 20th anniversary. It looked like she was enjoying the party as well as when she was enjoying text messaging!

Look at the two photos taken earlier before the night party. Nicole was pampering herself by the pool of Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Hmmm... some said she was text messaging, or maybe updating her facebook status by typing "I am sunbathing here by the pool, I know the paparazzi are around me, but who cares?"

O yeah? Surely you don't care but paparazzi, Nic. But they care bout your pink bikinis!


Thursday, October 1

An amazing series of photos captured in Beverly Hills last July when Nicole Scherzinger was enjoying shopping spree.

Well, Nicole herself is a shopping center for me. Just look at her from head to toe! Can you calculate in dollars what she's wearing and holding?

Anyway, you've got the great chance to see a sexy famous babe with stunning boots and yummy a*s....

What else do you have in mind, guys?


Friday, September 11

Last July Nicole attended the White Party hosted by Sean "Diddy" Combs and Ashton Kutcher. It was to help raise awareness for "Malaria No More".

Hmmm, dou you have in mind why is it "White Party" while it is for malaria?

Anyway, Nicole is cute there! No matter if she is with white dress or malaria.


Tuesday, August 25

This could be the most expensive love relationship this year. While Lewis is in Valencia and Nicole is in L.A., they have to fly across the continents only for a dinner.

Like last August 23, when Nicole met with boyfriend Lewis in Valencia, Spain. It was not only for watching Lewis racing but I bet it was also for love things.

How come?

Just look at Nicole's dress. Isn't it a little too much for a hot Grand Prix circuit?

Celebs really have their style. I love 'em but the high heels...aren't they for dinner? Not the Formula 1 lap, please...


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Monday, August 10

Due to their career, Nicole and Lewis run a very long distance relationship. Lewis has been two years in Genewa and Nicole should be in L.A.

Communication is the key to stick 'em together. How? International roaming calls between continent every day? Nope! They send each other picture messages by mobile phone! Ok, keep it for a while...

How long will they keep playing with picture messages? Until they get married? Having children? Or, maybe until they get old, and that day they would declare themselves as "the self-photographer by cell phone". Get over it!

One funny thing for me is when Lewis mentions about having children and raising them both in Europe and America.

Oh My Gosh...is the recent technology that sophisticated so enables couple to have children by picture messages? You've gotta be kidding, Lewis!


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Saturday, November 22

Even as Lewis Hamilton celebrated his Formula One championship win with his Pussycat Doll girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger earlier this month, the cameras didnít manage to catch the besotted pair kissing.

But there was nothing shy about the romantic kiss the pair shared when they arrived in Los Angeles yesterday.

Wednesday, November 5

Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of Pussycat Dolls, claimed she nearly collapsed with excitement when her boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, won the Formula 1 World Championship.

Hamilton won the 2008 World Title at Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday.

Scherzinger said, "Lewis is a fantastic driver. Where the winner mentality comes from, God only knows, because He gave him the gifts. I nearly collapsed with excitement when he came through on the last lap. I couldn't calm down, nor could (Hamilton's brother) Nicholas - we just both kept screaming at each other."

Monday, October 27

Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer for the sexy all girl group The Pussycat Dolls, has become a world-class ambassador for latex fashion, sporting a new style from leading latex fashion house, Syren on the cover of her latest album.

Nicole has been seen wearing Syren styles on TV shows, at red carpet events and even performing on stage as she tours to promote the Dolls' newest album "Doll Domination," which debuted this month.

Thursday, October 16

Nicole Scherzinger and her Formula 1 driver boyfriend Lewis Hamilton are planning to rent a £3 million London home for the New Year's Eve party.

The Pussycat Dolls singer has asked the estate agents to find them a townhouse in the city's exclusive St. John's Wood area, with at least there are five bedrooms, a six-seat hot tub, and a fully equipped gym.

Have a nice party, Nicole and Lewis.

Friday, September 19

Nicole Scherzinger from "The Pussycat Dolls" arrived to the Vodafone Live Music Awards in London wearing a super skin tight metallic dress and black pointy toed shoes. It's simply gorgeous.

If anyone has the body to wear this dress it's her. I think we do believe that Lewis Hamilton is a lucky man.

What do you ladies think of the dress?

Tuesday, September 9

Nicole Scherzinger is ready to live together with Lewis Hamilton.

The couple are currently househunting - but are struggling to decide which side of the world to live on.

Nicole revealed, "We'll be moving in together soon. We're deciding whether to buy in England or USA. I love English accents, Lewis' in particular."

Despite her excitement about living together, Nicole, 30, insists she isn't ready to marry the 23-year-old racer just yet.

She added, "A wedding isn't in the pipeline."

Thursday, August 28

Nicole Scherzinger is writing a song for boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, to show her love to the racer.

The sexy singer said, "It is a very personal song. It's very in-depth and emotional, a real song that I know is going to connect with people."

The song is titled I Think I'm In Love, and Nicole didn't specify if she will put the song on her solo album or on the Pussycat Dolls's next album, Doll Domination.

Source: Sify

Tuesday, August 19

Nicole Scherzinger denies rumour about her romance with Black Eyed Peas'

After a series of kissing and dating with the hip-hop star at some nightclubs in
LA, the Pussycat Dolls star laughed of rumour that she left the British racer, Lewis
Hamilton for Will.i.am.

The sexy singer told MTV,
"That is the funniest thing because Will is
like my Brother and I don't know when the last time I had seen him was. He has
been on tour."

I just thought that the rumour has come from Lewis Hamilton's competitors
(Ferrari? or BMW? or, perhaps, Fernando Alonso?) to distract his concentration
to become a Formula 1 World Champion. But it's all gone now. He can take a
breath and boost his spirit to chase the title.

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